Using technology in the classroom – survey

Hello there.
Let me introduce myself.
I’m Sean Driver and I’m currently an MPhil Digital Humanities Student in
Trinity College. I’m writing a dissertation about how Digital Humanities
tools, methodologies and editions could help English Teachers in the
Secondary School classroom with particular emphasis on Paper 2 for the
Leaving Certificate. I would like to combine my interest in digital media
with teaching English and I am planning to do a PME. I would greatly
appreciate if you would be willing to fill out this quick 10 minute survey
about your experience with using technology in the classroom. I’m very
eager to speak to teachers who believe that online resources can help in the
teaching of difficult texts.

This survey will form an important part of my research, but I would also
love to speak with any teachers who use technology in lessons and in the
classroom. Know that any recommendations you provide will be treated with my
full respect and attention. I appreciate and welcome any response. I am
based in Dublin and can be contacted by phone, text message, skype, facebook
and twitter. I would like to meet any English teacher with the same
curiosities as me. If you wish to discuss the subject please send me your
contact details.

Thank you for your time and enjoy your summer.

Yours gratefully,

Seán Driver

Phone:086 109 1561. Email: Twitter:@SeanD_river. Skype:


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