Volunteering Opportunity

Fiona Locke is the Programme Manager for an organisation called Amal Learning.


Amal Learning works with people affected by conflict or fleeing persecution to increase their access to employment & educational
opportunities, and rebuild their lives. They do this by providing free language training from qualified teachers, delivered online to students who are in situations where usual EFL/ESOL provision does not reach them.


They are searching for qualified volunteer English teachers who can offer 2 hours of their time per week to teach our students. 


Our students include:


  • Palestinians in Gaza & the West Bank who are learning to code and work online, in the hope of finding remote work in order to circumvent the blockade and provide for their families. You help with their English language skills so that they can pitch, interview and work online in English as part of a global labour force.


  • Sponsored refugees who are either living in refugee centres or surviving in third countries while waiting to be resettled in Canada. We help with their English language skills so that they can have a focus while they are waiting, and to aid a quick and less stressful integration upon resettlement.


  • Resettled refugees in the UK who face barriers to accessing conventional ESOL courses due to a lack or shortage of provision (government funding for ESOL provision specifically for refugees has been cut by 60% in the last 9 years) or due to other reasons such as childcare responsibilities. Women are the most affected by this. Online classes bridge the gap and enable them to better navigate in their new country and take full advantage of employment and educational opportunities available to them.


Classes are usually delivered either 1 student to 1 teacher, or in small groups of 2 students to one teacher, depending on need and availability, once a week. Students also benefit from other online activities such as online tasks and chat groups between their weekly online classes.


In return for their time and commitment, volunteer teachers receive:

  • Online role-specific training;
  • Valuable experience in online teaching;
  • The opportunity to continue their professional development in a community of like-minded and passionate education professionals;
  • A certificate of contribution/volunteering;
  • The opportunity to volunteer in other areas such as translation, online study group moderating, and resource development;
  • The rewarding and fulfilling chance of being part of someone’s hope and contributing to their success;

If you require any further information please send an email at fiona@amallearning.org. You can also find more information on our website www.amallearning.org.



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