Dec 09

Information from Griffith College:

Information from Griffith College:

On Wednesday the 14th of January we will have a debating workshop. The day will have three stages, in the morning students will have a meet and greet and they’ll be given a manual on debating. They will have the opportunity to meet with both the debating and mooting societies that take place in the college.

During the day they will be separated into groups where they will be in workshops with both our staff and students. The last session will be an interaction with the faculty and tips on the entry requirements and opportunities for entering the Legal Debating competition in March.

Further information to follow!

Jacquie Ryan

Marketing / Admissions

Griffith College

South Circular Road, Dublin 8, Ireland

Phone:  + 353 1 415 0421


Nov 22


Colleagues as you may be aware The Teaching Council is engaging in a Consultative Process which is taking place at present. As they say themselves, “This is a valuable opportunity for teachers to shape and influence the national framework for CPD before the Council’s drafting process has commenced, so that the framework which emerges can draw on the valuable insights and experiences of the profession. This consultation process will enable the profession to ensure that the professional standards cherished by teachers are maintained and enhanced in the framework.”

We in INOTE would implore you as members to engage in this process. There are currently workshops taking place on a nationwide level and if some members could attend we would be grateful. There is also an online survey we urge you to fill out.

The Teaching Council is proposing that CPD will be mandatory for all. We in INOTE support and welcome effective CPD however, in our experience the best CPD we have attended has been, “by teachers for teachers”. If you concur with this idea please share your thoughts and mention our organisation when filling in your survey.

We are currently trying to engage with the Teaching Council in order that we may continue to offer our own model of CPD to members. Presently some Education Centres are endorsing INOTE Presentations. We must try to continue this system and be a recognised body by the Teaching Council. We have attended some rather poor attempts at CPD recently and we know that often times we receive direction from those who are not currently in a classroom. Similarly, there appears to be a perception that by using “Supplementary Workshops” offered not by teachers but experts in that particular field, our quest for knowledge will be appeased.

It is vital to our organisation that you fill in the on-line survey (your teaching council number will be required) and endorse the work of INOTE; please let The Teaching Council know your feelings at www.teaching  This survey must be completed by December 12th.

Thank you members and please ask your colleagues to visit the web-site and complete the survey too. Our voices are strong, let them be heard.